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SESC Programme 2009

SESC - The Social Service of Commerce

Monthly Programme  -  Semester Programme


Monthly programme for the visual arts and new media courses offered by SESC Pompeia. The design was conceived so it could be edited by the client on future editions. There was also a restriction regarding the use of images on the programme, due to the difficulty to produce high quality photos of all courses and workshops for every issue. The devised solution is based on a grid of circles, used as a template for different illustrations and as key for the courses. The great potential of the images created using this grid adds dynamic to the publication, and at the same time integrates them as a collection. The folder is always printed in two colors, and the main colour is different every month.

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Additional Information

Type Families: Georgia, by Matthew Carter + Univers, by Adrian Frutiger
Paper: Uncoated
Color: Pantone