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Boldarini Arquitetos Associados

Boldarini Arquitetos Associados



The website developed for the architect explores the possibility of creating dynamic compositions for each one of its pages. The elements of color, rhythm and proportion which compose the logo were also used in the website layout in order to organise the informations in flexible and varied arrangements. The homepage, for example, consists of horizontal blocks that are composed by a colored shape, a space for title and small description, and a space for images. By changing the order of its parts, each one of these blocks can assume different configurations. The loading of the page is random and it allows multiple compositions for the whole, with a certain amount of unpredictability. The office’s approach to each project is conceptually similar to this, as for each particular intervention to complex contexts, their control over the application of the proposed solutions is partial and each element dialogues within a whole, being susceptible and allowing unpredictabilities.

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Additional Information

Type Family: Avenir, by Adrian Frutiger
Color: RGB
Technology: HTML5

URL: www.boldarini.com.br