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ps.2 Annual Gift: Game

ps.2 arquitetura + design

Self-Promotional Gift  -  How to Play  -  Text  -  Making Of


Self-promotion annual gift limited to 300 numbered copies. Intending to share with clients and friends some of the graphic design universe, a typographic Concentration Game was created. It is comprised of 20 pairs of cards, each one presenting a different type family. Extra cards bring a typographical glossary with main terms and the explanation of the sentence that names the gift: “the quick brown fox jumps to over the lazy dog”. The package also contains a text about the evolution of type design, locating in history each font used in the cards.

See also:   How to Play  -  Text  -  Making Of

Additional Information

Type Family: Univers Condensed, by Adrian Frutiger
Papers: Condat Silk + Matte
Color: Pantone
Finishing: Die Cut + Lustre Lamination

Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2009 winner

Nominated for the Designpreis Deutschland 2011