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Clean City at Expo Shanghai

Daniela Thomas and Felipe Tassara/ São Paulo City Hall

Pavilion Visual Identity  -  Postcards Sets


In January 2007 São Paulo, Brazil banned outdoor advertising and drastically reduced the allowable size of storefront signage. This project, called “Clean City”, was chosen amongst the best urban practices in the world, and got its own pavilion in the Expo 2010 Shanghai, China. The Visual Identity created for the project has a range of patterns as main element: a graphic representation of the visual transformation occurred in the urban landscape. The Logo shows this concept through a transition from a dark to a light pattern and suggests the change from visual pollution to cleanness. Sets of patterns incorporating images of the fauna, flora, architecture and people were developed to be used on printed matters and pavilion. The facade of the pavilion uses the full range of patterns, which inside are mixed with text and images. This context gives the visitors an overview of the diversity of the city, and traces a parallel with the rediscovery of São Paulo by its citizens. Pavilion design by Daniela Thomas and Felipe Tassara.

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Additional Information

Type Family: ITC Conduit, by Mark van Bronkhorst

'Best of the Best' at the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2010

Selected for Brazil's 10th Graphic Design Biennial

Selected for the III Ibero-American Biennial of Design