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Duarte Murtinho Habitacional Complex is part of an urbanising effort conducted by São Bernardo City housing department. A series of interventions was planned to improve the living conditions of of the Silvina Audi neighbourhood, an over populated mountainous area, with precarious conditions for pedestrian and car circulation. We were called by Boldarini Arquitetos Associados to create a signage and way finding system that could help the new residents to locate and move around the new building complex but also to produce something that would add a sense of ownership to this group of people. It is important to remember that most of them had always lived in individual houses and never had the experience of sharing the space they inhabit. Our approach was to explore simple architectural elements like the formation of shadows on the building walls or the changing perspective of a stair. These visual interventions helped creating a sense of whole for the building. We were really happy to see that the new residents responded with curiosity and excitement to the proposed solution.