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OCA Brazil


Project for the launch of the new collection “Concreta”, by OCA Brazil – colourful modules which combined, simulate relief and cause optical illusions. Eight designers were invited to create boards for the exhibition “Quebra-Cabeça” (Puzzle), held in Zipper Gallery. ps.2 proposed a panel that approaches the ideas of the concrete poets of the 1960s, and the set should emerge both from their plastic form as its symbolic content. The text, an essential part in the work of a graphic designer, was chosen as the main design element in the graphical translation of laughter: the HAHAHA. Participating designers: Campo, Claudio Novaes, Guto Lacaz, Julio Mariutti and Ilana Tschiptschin, Kiko Farkas, ps.2, Quadradão and Vicente Gil. Board photo: Túlio Vidal.

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Type Family: Custom

ISTD 2014 International Typographic Awards winner