MIS – Museum of Image and Sound of Rio de Janeiro

The Museum of Image and Sound (MIS) of Rio de Janeiro is an institution devoted to preserve and showcase the rich cultural history of the city. The visual identity developed for the museum has the mission to revitalise the past cultural production, and show it through a new angle, so that people could connect it to their present lives. The solution proposed uses fragments of texts extracted from music leads, poems, soap operas, films, humour shows and political discourses as messages to the audience. The texts remind the receiver of their original context, but at the same time gives them a new interesting meaning, establishing a dialog between past and present. Set in a typeface that has positive and negative italic versions, the messages displayed carry with them the slanted forms of the museum’s new building, connecting content, identity and architecture in a subtle and intelligent way.

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Book 0623 2014-07-31
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