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MIS - Museum of Image and Sound of São Paulo

Visual Identity Program  -  Re-opening Invitation  -  Brochure  -  Sign System


New Visual Identity for the museum, who has recently updated its cultural position and expanded its focus for a hybrid art form. The identity intends to deconstruct different layers of information: grid, text, bitmap, vector and color. These layers can then be combined and overlapped in different ways, generating new codes, new graphical standards. The solid color form has no fixed proportion and acquires each time different dimensions. By the side of the word MIS, the solid form stands to the concept of “screen”, either of the cinema, computer, television, mobile etc.

See also:   Re-opening Invitation  -  Brochure  -  Sign System

Additional Information

Type Families: Flama, by Mário Feliciano + Simple, by Norm

Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2010 winner

Nominated for the Designpreis Deutschland 2012

Selected for Brazil's 9th Graphic Design Biennial