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Client, Activity

Ondas, Katia Maciel

MIS - Museum of Image and Sound of São Paulo

Exhibition Catalogue


LabMIS catalogue for the exhibition “Ondas: um dia de nuvens listradas vindas do mar”, [Waves: a day of dappled seaborne clouds] at MIS, by artist Katia Maciel. The artist’s work is an interactive installation in which a projection of the sea is put into motion when activated by the audience, generating new landscapes. Focusing on this aspect of the artwork, the catalogue uses images of the audience in contact with the installation, as they contemplate different configurations of waves. Following the design created for these publications’ collection, titles and side notes appear in cyan, which is the main colour of the LabMIS visual identity.

Additional Information

Type Families: Flama, by Mário Feliciano + Simple, by Norm
Paper: Matte
Color: CMYK