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We were invited to create a poster for the project Imaginarias, as part of the First Latin American Meeting for Design and Gender, to be held in Uruguay, under the theme “Pechos” (spanish for breasts). The poster graphically shows different aspects of the brazilian social, economic, cultural and behaviour background, comparing answers from men and women. The data used was based on information collected by various research institutes between 1999 and 2009 from different samples and regions of the country. The visual form chosen for the graphics reminds those of female breasts, the subject of the exhibition. The left circle represents the percentage of the women, and the right, of the men. The proportion variations attracts the curiosity of the reader for the information shown.

Additional Information

Type Family: Stag, by Christian Schwartz
Paper: Matte
Color: Pantone

Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2010 winner