The 2014 AGI (Alliance Graphique Internationale) congress, which took place in Brazil, proposed to its members the creation of a poster with the theme “Brazil”. The subject presented itself as a task of great complexity to the Brazilian members, since it put into light the question of choosing a graphic representation to a country so diverse and full of contradictions. In Fábio Prata’s poster, the approach was to adopt a rational line of thought, by taking the Brazilian flag as a starting point. It seemed interesting to calculate the percentage occupied by each one of the colors of the Brazilian flag. The next step was to distribute these colors one over the other into an A0 poster, maintaining each of the percentages of color of the original flag. The result allows for multiple interpretations. It is possible to interpret it as a questioning of the inequalities in the country or as the jubilation of its natural wonders or even simply as a modernist exercise of graphical synthesis. On the other hand, Flávia Nalon’s poster represents the plural Brazil. The A0 poster seeks therefore to synthesize all its diversity and contradictions in a single word – “brasis” – which, besides being Brazil in the plural, it also means a return to the origins, as this is how our indigenous ancestors were called.