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Projects Season 2009 (9+1)

Paço das Artes - multidisciplinary art gallery


Brochures for the 2009 Projects Season of Paço das Artes, a recognized incentive program for emergent Brazilian artists and curators. The Projects Season is a series of group exhibitions documented by invitations, posters and brochures. As group exhibitions, where a big variety of unrelated artworks need to coexist, the identity should not be based on the use of images. The result is a strong typographic design on gradient colors. A range of nine Pantones was chosen, each representing one of the artists selected for the season. Each brochure displays the information of a single artist, and uses one of the colors from the gradient range. Together the brochures make the seasons complete collection.

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Additional Information

Type Family: Freight Text, by Joshua Darden
Paper: Matte
Colors: CMYK + Pantone