Title of Work
Client, Activity

Digital Theory

FILE - Electronic Language International Festival


Teoria Digital (Digital Theory) was created for the 10th anniversary of FILE – Electronic Language International Festival – and presents a collection of theoretical material that has been produced since its first edition. The graphic project explores non-linear navigation systems of digital media, starting with the cover which presents an overview of the content by showing selected keywords and their occurrence. Inside the book, each text is preceded by a lead page featuring a synoptical table that illustrates how often and on which page the main keyword appears.

Additional Information

Type Family: Cholla, by Sibylle Hagmann
Papers: Chamois Fine + Matte
Color: Pantone
Finishing: Foil Blocking

Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2011 winner

Awarded 1st place on the 20th Brazilian Graphic Excellence Award Fernando Pini

Selected for Brazil's 10th Graphic Design Biennial