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A Poster for São Paulo

Senac São Paulo - private educational institution

São Paulo 455th Anniversary Poster


We were invited to create a poster for the second edition of the exhibition called “Um Cartaz para São Paulo” (A poster for São Paulo), realized by Senac, under the theme (In)Sustentabilidade Urbana [Urban (Un)Sustainability], celebrating the city’s 455th anniversary. Seen from far, the tree rings represents the city growth. By approaching the poster, you notice cars form the lines, reminding us of the impact human action causes to the environment.

Additional Information

Type Family: MelloSans, by Fernando Mello
Paper: Matte
Color: Pantone

Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2010 winner.

Selected for the Poster Festival Ljubljana '09, part of the 4th Biennale of Visual Arts, in Slovenia